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Sleep well at night with Tribute

Each Tribute custom nighttime edema garment is individually designed and manufactured to fit its owner's unique needs - the result of years of designing and perfecting the custom nighttime garment. Every aspect of a Tribute, from the channels, to the foam particle blend, to the unique propriety fabric, is precisely developed with our customers’ needs in mind while the bi-directional, gradient compression moves fluid where it needs to go. This attention to detail makes Tribute stress free, comfortable, and easy to care for. It's also backed with an industry leading one year warranty, so you can go to bed with Tribute and give wrapping a rest!




Why is Tribute Essential?



ü  Maintain gains made in therapy.

ü  Decrease treatment time.

ü  Increase compliance.

ü  Treat indurate tissue.

ü  Allow for normal sleeping posture.

ü  Simplify the home maintenance program.

ü  Stimulate initial lymphatics.

ü  Protect limbs and support lax tissue.







How Does Tribute Work?



1. Sewn, foam filled channels apply directional or bi-directional compression to the tissues.


2. Foam pieces nestle into tissue to create localized tissue stretch and pressure differential.


3. Tribute garments create tissue stretch, opening the initial lymphatic gaps to encourage reabsorption of interstitial fluids and cellular particles.


How does Tribute Work?








Tribute Warranties – We’ve Got You Covered!



SURE-FIT WARRANTYEvery patient deserves a great fitting garment, so Solaris is proud to provide Tribute customers with their exclusive Sure-Fit Warranty. Within two weeks of shipment, if your garment does not fit as desired, Solaris will alter or remake the garment free of charge.


ALTERATION POLICY: Further reductions of the affected limb are typical when utilizing Tribute garments, so to better serve Tribute wearers, Solaris offers one free alteration to decrease the size of the custom Tribute garment. Sorry, we cannot enlarge a garment.


ONE YEAR WARRANTY: Each custom Tribute garment is backed by an industry leading one year warranty. This warranty guarantees the garment to be free of manufacturing or material defect for one full year from the date of purchase. If the garment is found to be defective, Solaris will provide the necessary adjustments at no cost to the owner.


TINY TRIBUTES POLICIES: Solaris knows that lymphedema is not limited to adults, so they have developed a special pricing policy exclusively for patients under 14 years of age. A customer may be eligible to receive one free or discounted garment per year based on the patient’s age at the time of purchase. To discuss further details about eligibility under our Tiny Tributes Policies, please call 905-687-8500 or send us an email at:







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