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SP-01 : Curved

SP-02 : Dorsal

SP-01 Curved

SP-02: Dorsal

SP-03: Palmar

SP-04: Oval

SP-05: Rectangular, Tapered

SP-06: Circular

SP-07: Carpal Hand Pad

SP-03 : Palmar

SP-04 : Oval

SP-08: Kidney Pad

SP-09: Breast Pad

SP-10: Versi-Face

SP-11: Thora-Thigh

SP-12: Head-Neck Pad

SP-13: Crescent

SP-14: Toe Pad

SP-05 : Rectangular Tapered

SP-06 : Circular

SP-15-F: Labia

SP-15-M: Scrotum

SP-16-A:  Lateral Bra

SP-16-B: Full Bra

SP-17: Knee-Elbow Shaper

SP-18: Ring

SP-19: Female Genital

SP-07 : Carpal Hand Pad

SP-08 : Kidney Pad

SP-20: Tic Tac

SP-00: Custom






SP-09 : Breast

SP-10 : Versi-Face








SP-11 : Thora-Thigh


SP-12 : Head-Neck Pad








SP-13 : Crescent

SP-14 : Toe Pad








SP-15-F : Labia

Scrotum Swell Spot

SP-15-M : Scrotum








SP-16-A : Lateral Bra

SP-16-B : Full Bra









SP-17 : Knee-Elbow Shaper

SP-18 : Ring








SP-19 : Female Genital

Tic Tac Swell Spot

SP-20 : Tic Tac








SP-00 : Custom Swell Spots

















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