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Swell Spots directional flow edema and scar pads began as mini-solutions to the big challenge of lymphedema. News began to spread, and now therapists and other professionals around the world use them to meet a wide range of rehabilitation needs, such as problematic areas of swelling, tissue fibrosis, and contouring over and around bony prominences. Just incorporate them into your usual bandaging routine or tuck them inside compression or mastectomy garments. With over 30 styles and sizes available, you can bet that wherever there's swelling, there are Swell Spots to fit the job!


How do Swell Spots Help?

  Pad or contour bony or problematic areas.

  Diffuse pressure points.

  Fill crevices and concavities.

  Treat indurated tissue and turgor.

  Help break up tissue fibrosis.

  Easy to use, easy to care for.



Swell Spots Facts


  Intended for individual use only.

  High performance fabrics are latex free.

  Cleared for manufacture as medical products.

  Machine wash and dry on permanent press setting with mild detergents.



Why Do Swell Spots Work?


1. Foam chips in Swell Spots create localized tissue pressure differentials to stimulate interstitial fluid movement, prevent stagnation and soften indurated tissue.


2. Foam chips in Swell Spots nestle into the tissue to create localized tissue stretch and surface pressure differential.


3. Tissue stretch opens up gap junctions drawing excess interstitial fluid and waste products into the lymphatic system.





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