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ReadyWrap low-elastic medical binders are the perfect alternative or supplement to elastic compression hosiery. The low-stretch materials work with the venous and lymphatic systems to naturally improve fluid movement, enhancing natural muscle pump and producing low resting and high working pressures. ReadyWrap's easy Velcro closure system also allows for easy donning and doffing, especially for individuals who have difficulty donning elastic compression garments.

ReadyWrap offers several distinct advantages over elastic compression stockings for individuals who:


  Have difficulty donning elastic compression.

  Experience frequent swelling or girth fluctuations.

  Want the benefits of low-elastic compression.

  Are irritated by elastic stockings and sleeves.

  Find it hard to tolerate high compression levels.


"The same principle that applies to compression bandages also applies to compression garments. The ideal result is simultaneous low resting pressure and high working pressure. In order to achieve this objective, the garment should be as inelastic as possible."
Textbook of Lymphology for Physicians and Lymphedema Therapists

"In theory, inelastic (compression) is more helpful than elastic compression in patients with serious forms of venous disease such as venous ulceration, chronic venous insufficiency, and intractable symptoms due to varicose veins."

The Fundamentals of Phlebology: Venous Disease for Clinicians





Comfort and Coverage

Stay comfortable with the ReadyWrap Arm's functional design and foam padding at the wrist and elbow. And there's no need to worry about gapping at the wrist when using the Arm and Gauntlet together. They were made for each other with a designed overlap to keep you covered.

Contours the Hand

Our new ReadyWrap Gauntlet includes built in padding over the dorsum to improve contouring to the back of the hand and help provide an even compression. The gauntlet doesn't stop at the hand though; it also provides thumb coverage with a unique adjustable strap.




Easy, One Handed Donning and Doffing


The new ReadyWrap Arm features the same colour-coded strapping system that makes our lower extremity ReadyWrap so simple to use. And an integrated arm liner and bilateral design make donning and adjusting easier than ever before.



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