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Caresia Gloves are excellent for those who have swelling and tissue induration in the digits. Every Caresia Glove has individual finger spacers to provide circumferential compression. Caresia Gauntlets are a shortened version of the glove with coverage only to the PIP’s* (apx. mid-fingers). Many therapists recommend this unit for their post-surgical hand patients and patients with arthritis or lymphedema. Please note that functional hand usage will be restricted.


Simply don the Caresia and then, using a spiral or figure-eight wrapping style with 50% overlap, wrap over top of the Caresia with short-stretch bandages to customize the compression and fit. The short-stretch bandages should be applied to provide a snug fit, but not tight. 


As with all Caresia products, foam chips address tissue induration and pad irregularities, and quilted channels help encourage and guide fluid away from affected areas.  Caresia offers a simple, safe and effective way to eliminate the need to use traditional multi-layer bandaging components such as stockinette, cast padding and rolled foam, and is so easy to care for – simply wash and dry on permanent press settings in your home laundry machines as often as needed.



*proximal phalanges, click for help


Gloves and Gauntlets may be worn alone or together with the Caresia Wrist-to-Axilla Arm Sleeve.


Caresia Gloves and Gauntlets are designed to be worn on either the left or right hand and are sold individually.



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