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Our clinical specialist, John Mulligan, RMT/CLT-LANA, visited the Földi Clinic in the summer of 2011 and found the therapists there using foam they called Wave Foam as padding underneath their bandaging. It was a channeled foam of medium density and it had a dramatic effect on fibrotic tissue.


Inspired by the Földi therapists and their ingenuity, we wanted to make this unique and effective padding foam available to Canadian therapists.


Lymphedema Depot is happy to present our new Channel Foam. This convolute grey foam is a half inch thick with quarter inch thick channels cut through it. These peaks and channels create high and low pressure zones and encourage lymphatic flow in a distal to proximal direction while also sinking into and softening fibrotic tissue.


Our Channel Foam comes in 2’ x 3’ sheets which, like our flat sheets of therapeutic grey foam, can be custom cut for individual patients to create the right shape and size needed for incorporation into a multi-layer bandage application. We are confident that this new foam will find a place in lymphedema practices all over Canada.







In building a multi-layer bandage for the treatment of lymphedema, it is important to include the proper components.  It is especially important to equalize the pressure of the short stretch bandage layers by even distribution of the compression they deliver.  The most economical way to achieve this is to include foam sheeting in the bandage. 


Foam sheets, cut to fit the limb, help to create a continuous compression gradient from distal to proximal. Open cell foam also has a texture that helps massage the limb. This massage action continues the treatment after the patient has left the clinic. The right foam will accelerate treatment results, address fibrosis and will increase patient comfort.


The use of foam also helps soften pressure on bony prominences and helps to protect the limb from extremes of bandage pressures, increasing patient comfort and safety.


Not all foams are created equal. Different foams of the same thickness can have very different working characteristics. We have selected open cell, latex-free foam that has the functional profile needed for effective multi-layer lymphedema bandaging.


Our grey foam can be cut to shape and trimmed as needed as the limb reduces.


At a glance:

v  Evenly distribute bandage pressures

v  Break down fibrosis

v  Remodel the limb to achieve normal contours

v  Continue MLD effect long after treatment has ended

v  Accelerate treatment results

v  Provide a healing environment for the limb

v  Can be trimmed or replaced economically on a rapidly reducing limb


Bandaging With Grey Foam

Grey foam is a material commonly used in multi-layer lymphedema bandaging. This inert, open cell, latex-free polyurethane foam is offered by suppliers of lymphedema bandaging products available to the North American market. In many lymphedema therapy schools, training incorporates the use of grey foam as a padding material and therapists are instructed as to its proper use.


The layers of multi-layer lymphedema bandaging to be applied are as follows:

v  Lotion

v  Stockinette (tubular gauze)

v  Cast padding (Cellona, Artiflex or other)

v  Cut or shaped pieces of grey foam padding, or other foam padding.

v  Fixing bandage to hold grey foam in place (usually gauze). Optional.

v  Short stretch bandaging layers.


Our recommendations:


            For an arm bandage:  ¼” foam or Channel Foam

            For a leg bandage:      ½” foam or Channel Foam


We also offer 1” foam to use on particularly dense fibrotic tissue in the lower extremity applications.

If you have never used this, please ask us about it before ordering.


Grey Foam





Grey Foam Grey Foam




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Grey Foam





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